This is a list of my Favorite anime. (That I have watched so far.)

My favorite Anime!


Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

This is my favoritest and cutest anime I have seen. Senko will always be my Number 1 Favorite. I ain't going to spoil it by talking about it but if you wish to see it then I will provide links or you could just find it online somewhere like KissAnime.

MAL: My Anime List.



Date-A-Live is my second favorite anime. If you like action, Magical Powers and Fantasies. Than I would highely recommend watching Date-A-Live. (I love Kurumi, The one that can control time.) I don't think you can watch it on "My Anime List: MAL" But you could watch it on KissAnime (Btw that is NZ.) Enjoy!